Your donation will partner churches with public schools. image

Your donation will partner churches with public schools.

Giving to Shine will make new partnerships possible while providing resources and support.

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Partnering churches with schools in APS

Imagine every local school working in partnership with a local church in their community with the support of the school district. With your support Shine will work to partner schools in need with churches in their community. Shine will resource the church with training, ongoing coaching, and materials to make their partnership a success.

By supporting Shine, you will make these partnerships a reality.

We believe there is a good news solution to the bad news problems in our city. Shine exists to bring together the mission and needs of the school with the resources of the church for the common good.

By providing teacher support, student enrichment, and family development our hope is that Shine partnerships will be a valuable, flexible resource for the school, while providing a context for the church to demonstrate love and serve the community. We believe that when students, their families, and teachers flourish, individual communities are strengthened. And we hope that as communities are strengthened, our city will become a safer, more compassionate place for generations to come.


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